Dream Analysis


Journey into the realm of dreams to unlock hidden insights and unlock powerful tools for self-discovery and transformation.

Module 1. Dream Interpretation throughout history

Module 2. The physiology of sleep and dreams

Module 3. The classification of dreams

Module 4. The interpretation of dreams


Module 5. Dream symbolism 1

Module 6. Dream symbolism 2

Module 7. Past life memories

Module 8. Dream prompts

Course Guidelines

  • After each lesson, a test paper will be given for the participant to complete before the following week.

  • After Topic 6, the participant who has passed all relevant topics will receive a diploma of competence. There will be no final examination as this course is based upon a continuous assessment.

  • Course time: app.7 weeks @ one morning/afternoon per week or by correspondence distant learning.

  • The course fee per person has to be paid in advance.

What they say about the courses

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