About Dr. Hans Vischjager.

Dr. Hans Vischjager, born during the Second World War in the Netherlands, belonged to the Second Generation Holocaust Survivors.

From Soldier to Renowned Psychotherapist:

 Dr. Hans Vischjager’s Journey and Holistic Approach

His journey began at 14, emigrating with family to America. After serving in the Army, a new path unfurled. He returned to England, becoming a Registered Mental Nurse, then embarking on a remarkable educational odyssey.

Certificates, Diplomas, and finally a PhD in Psychotherapy – Dr. Vischjager’s dedication is evident. This academic prowess wasn’t confined to paper – it translated into the real world. He honed his skills in psychiatric hospitals across the UK and built a thriving private practice, which now flourishes in Sri Lanka.

But Dr. Vischjager’s approach is far from ordinary. He views psychological and emotional well-being holistically, tailoring his methods to each individual. This bespoke approach shines brightest in his use of Clinical Hypnosis.

For him, it's not just a tool - it's a key that unlocks the subconscious, revealing the deepest roots of issues like PTSD, phobias, and depression. Through Hypnotherapy, he helps patients unearth and address these hidden causes, leading to lasting change.

His expertise extends beyond individual therapy. Dr. Vischjager regularly conducts seminars in Sri Lanka

Sharing his knowledge on diverse topics like stress management and positive thinking. He further empowers others through his series of Diploma courses in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and mental health.

And his impact doesn’t stop there. Four published books – “Psychotherapy Today,” “It’s All In The Mind,” “Numerology Explained,” and “Sayings of Wisdom” – offer accessible insights into his world.

Dr. Hans Vischjager is more than just a psychotherapist; he’s a guide, an educator, and a healer. His unique blend of holistic care, clinical hypnosis, and continuous learning sets him apart, making him a beacon of hope for those seeking a path to emotional well-being.


Psychotherapy Today


It’s All In The Mind


Numerology Explained


Sayings of Wisdom

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