Conscious Awareness Therapy

(Shadow Therapy)

Unlock the power of self-awareness and inner healing through this transformative journey.

Unit 1:

The shadow – An Unexplored and Untapped Treasury

Embark on a journey to rediscover your hidden self. Learn to accept and love the “shadow within,” understanding how shadow work paves the way for personal and social growth, ethical development, and spiritual awakening.

  • Loving the enemy within me
  • What is the Shadow?
  • Healthy personal growth needs shadow work
  • For healthy social relationship, befriend your shadow
  • Shadow reintegration work and the development of moral life
  • To grow spiritually, reintegrate the shadow

Unit 2:

The Jungian concept of the shadow

Delve into the world of Carl Jung and his groundbreaking concept of the shadow. We’ll explore his personal encounter with this archetype, dissect its theoretical underpinnings, and discover how the shadow acts as a metaphor for repressed emotions.

  • Carl Jung’s dream about his shadow
  • Through theory to self-understanding
  • Jung’s search for a theory of the shadow
  • The shadow: a metaphor to describe repressed material
  • The various forms of the shadow
  • How to classify the shadow

Unit 3:

The formation of the shadow

Unmask the layers of your persona, the social facade we present to the world. Understand how its formation can contribute to a “virulent” shadow and explore the consequences of dissociation from our darker aspects.

  • The story of the man with the seven masks
  • The formation of the persona
  • Persona and false self
  • Formation of a virulent and dissociated shadow

Unit 4:
Welcoming your shadow

Embrace the shadow instead of fearing it. Discover ancient wisdom from the story of the Wolf of Gubbio, compare Jung’s approach to the unconscious with Freud and Nietzsche, and learn to navigate the pitfalls of shadow work.

•    The wolf of Gubbio
•    Three ways of understanding the unconscious;  Freud, Nietsche, Jung
•    Three pitfall to avoid in shadow work
•    How to manage your encroaching shadow

Unit 5:
Recognizing your shadow

Learn to recognize the subtle whispers of your shadow in everyday life. We’ll delve into the story of a lost wallet, explore common denial mechanisms, and equip you with powerful strategies to uncover your hidden negativity.

•    The story of the lost wallet
•    Looking in the right place
•    Denying the existence of your shadow
•    Strategies for recognizing your shadow
•    How to recognize someone else’s shadow

Unit 6:
Owning your projections again

Discover how projecting your shadow onto others creates distorted relationships. Understand the meaning behind these projections, learn to “re-appropriate” them, and find inspiration in Jesus Christ’s teachings on healthy self-reflection.

•    The story of the woodcutter who had lost his axe
•    The influence of shadow projections
•    What does it mean to project your shadow onto someone else?
•    “Re-appropriating” shadow projections
•    Jesus Christ denounces unhealthy projection

Unit 7:
Strategies for befriending your shadow

Like loading a new boat, shadow work requires preparation. Explore the conditions necessary for successful integration, and master practical strategies to befriend your shadow and create a harmonious dialogue between your conscious and unconscious selves.

•    Loading my new boat
•    How strategies work
•    Conditions for reintegrating your shadow and your conscious self
•    Strategies for befriending your shadow

Unit 8:
Reintegration of the shadow and spiritual development

Unravel the intricate link between your shadow and your moral compass. Discover how integrating the shadow leads to profound spiritual growth, and find inspiration in the powerful metaphor of the “spring of living water.”

•    He story of the spring of living water
•    The shadow and morality
•    The shadow and the spiritual life

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